Notice of Chute Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

           Wednesday, January 4, 2017 – 9 A.M.

     Town of Mountain Fire Department, Mountain, Wisconsin


1. Call to order
2. Roll Call
3. Agenda Amendments
4. Public Comments-limited to 3 minutes per person with a total limit of 15 minutes
5. Approval of the November 14,2016 Meeting Minutes
6. Treasurer’s Report
     a. Cash Balances
     b. Approval of Disbursements
7. Committee Reports
    a. Communication
    b. Clean Boat Clean Water
    c. Audit
    d. Law Enforcement
    e. Lake Maintenance
    f. Legal
    g. Fish
8. Unfinished Business
    a. Healthy Lakes Grant
    b. Finding a new Commissioner for Jan-Aug
    c. Review what’s happening on the AIS Grant and Lake survey
    d. By-laws
9. New Business
10. Set Next Meeting
11. Adjourn



Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1
Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2016
CALL TO ORDER: Floyd called the meeting to order at 9:04 am.
ROLL CALL: Present were: Judy Buhrandt, Gail Golden, Patti Hull, Floyd Schmidt, David Thill,  and 2 others.
BRENDA NORDIN-HEALTHY LAKES GRANT Brenda gave us an overview of the 5 practices of this grant that all enhance our shorelines. They are: Fish Sticks, 350 sq. feet of Native Plantings, Rain Garden, Rock Infiltration, and Diversion. $200,000 is available statewide through the DNR for these projects. $25,000 per lake. Grant will pay 75% of the project and property owners are responsible for 25% with a $1,000  maximum per property owner from the DNR grant.
PUBLIC COMMENTS: Susan Johnson asked about the Town of Mountain representative
APPROVAL OF THE NOVEMBER 14, 2016 MINUTES: Patti moved to accept and David seconded. Unanimous.
    a. Cash Balances- NEW CU Checking $1,586.59    NEW CU Suffix A $10.03
NEW CU Money Market $47,073.22
    b. Approval of Disbursements – Gail moved to accept and Floyd seconded. Unanimous.
    a. Communication – We will be sending out info regarding the Healthy Lake Grant
    b. CBCW – We want to get an early start for next year.
    c. Audit – Bob and Kim will do this again.
    d. Law Enforcement – The six towns are going to work together to get someone.
    e. Lake Maintenance – We will be keeping the Harvesting Plan as is for next year.
    f. Legal – Nothing
    g. Fish – More muskies were put in on October 21st.
    a. Weed Harvesting- Some minor maintenance was discussed for the harvestors.
    a. Finding a new Commissioner to fill Dean’s remaining time-We will all try and find someone. This will also be posted in our newsletter, on the website, and at a few local establishments.
    b. Floyd-report on the Lake Leaders Institute-Floyd shared some highlights of his experience…the leadership aspect, water management, organizations working together for the good of our WI waters.
SET NEXT MEETING: January 4, 2017

ADJOURN MEETING: 11:41 Gail moved to adjourn and Judy seconded. Unanimous.

                                                                                      Respectively Submitted,
                                                                                      Gail Golden,Secretary


​Notice of Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District Meeting 2016
Monday November 14th, 2016 – 9 AM
Town of Mountain Fire Department, Mountain, Wisconsin


Notice of Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting 2016
August 20, 2016 – 9 AM
Town of Mountain Community Building, Mountain, Wisconsin

Election of One Commissioner for a Three Year Term

Floyd Schmidt

Write-Ins are welcome. Please present write-in candidates during the Public Comments agenda item.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Agenda Amendments
  4. Public Comments – limited to 3 minutes per person with a limit of 15 minutes for all comments.
  5. Approval of the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
  6. Commissioner Election
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. 2015 Audit / Review Report
    • Audit Committee selection for 2016 Review​
  9. Lake Maintenance
  10. Clean Boats Clean Water
  11. Officials Q&A (if present):
    • Parks and Recreation Representative
    • Cason Representative
    • DNR Representative
  12. Budget Proposal (discussion and vote)
  13. New Business
  14. Announcement of Election Results
  15. Adjourn Meeting​


For purposes of voting at a Lake District Annual meeting, an owner of property includes:

  1. A person whose name appears on the tax roll.
  2. A person who owns title to real property even though the person’s name does not appear on the tax roll.
  3. A person whose legal residence is within the District boundaries.
  4. The official representatives of a trust, foundation, corporation, association, or other organization that owns real property within the district.

Lake District Meetings:

Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1

P.O. Box 184 Mountain, WI 54149