Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1

P.O. Box 184 Mountain, WI 54149

TBD - Town of Mountain

to be appointed by the town supervisor

TBD - Lake Maintenance

to be appointed by the Lake Commissioners 

Patti Hull - Treasurer


David Thill -

Clean Boats / Clean Waters


​Lake districts have a unique blend of powers and governance provisions tailored to fit the needs of local lake communities. A lake district's day-to-day operations are carried out by a board of commissioners composed of elected volunteers and local officials. The financial direction of the district is determined by district residents (electors) and property owners at an annual meeting. Unlike other governmental units like towns or sanitary districts, nonresident property owners have the right to vote in lake districts.

Chute Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1 is not a club. Unlike a lake association, a lake district is a government body with statutory responsibilities to the resource, local citizens and taxpayers. Like all government entities, the powers and operations of a lake district are set buy law with legal responsibilities and consequences designed to ensure that the rights and interests of the public are protected. 

Floyd Schmidt - Chairman


Judy Buhrandt - Oconto Co.


Gail Golden - Secretary



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